WATCH: Penn protestors being cuffed and carried out one by one.

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By Edward Genesis

Penn Protestors were issued a two-minute warning to disperse. A group defied the orders and were arrested for defiant trespass

In a pre-dawn operation, police dismantled a two-week-long pro-Palestinian encampment at the University of Pennsylvania.

The action followed rising tensions and calls for the encampment’s removal, including one from Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro.

Standoff and Arrests

Around 5:30 am, officers from the university and Philadelphia police departments began dismantling the encampment.

Protestors were issued a two-minute warning to disperse. A group defied the orders and were arrested for defiant trespass.

The university reported approximately 33 arrests, all reportedly peaceful.

Protests Continue Off-Campus

Following the dismantling, some protestors relocated to 34th and Walnut streets, attempting to block traffic.

Police contained the situation, and the area remains closed to traffic.

Demands and Context

The pro-Palestinian protestors demanded the university disclose its investments and sever ties with businesses that support Israel.

Their protest reflects a nationwide movement on college campuses following the recent Israel-Hamas conflict.

Governor Shapiro Calls for Action

Governor Shapiro condemned the encampment on Thursday, calling it “unstable” and “unacceptable.”

He urged the university to take action to restore order and safety on campus.

Student Leave of Absence Controversy

Adding to the tension, six student protestors were recently placed on mandatory leave by the university.

The students maintain this is an illegal lockout and are appealing the decision.

Increased Security for Commencement

The university announced increased security measures for the upcoming graduation ceremony, including airport-style screening for all attendees.

The Situation Remains Fluid

The situation at the University of Pennsylvania is still developing.

While the on-campus encampment has been dismantled, the underlying tensions surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict remain.

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