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In the beginning, we talked about StubHub, saying it’s a place where people can sell or buy tickets from each other. This means you’re dealing with regular folks online, not directly with StubHub.

We acknowledge that this arrangement may raise concerns among potential users, and to address those worries, we aim to alleviate apprehensions by providing a safety guide for navigating StubHub.

What is StubHub?

StubHub is an online marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of tickets for various events, including sports games, concerts, theater performances, and other live entertainment experiences.

It operates as a secondary ticket marketplace, meaning that it allows individuals to resell tickets they have purchased for events.

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While it is not the primary seller of these tickets, it provides a platform for users to connect and conduct transactions.

Key points about StubHub:

  1. Ticket Resale Platform: It primarily serves as a platform for individuals to resell tickets to events. Users can list their tickets for sale, and other users can purchase them through the website.
  2. Wide Range of Events: It covers a broad spectrum of events, including sports events (like football, basketball, and baseball games), concerts, theater performances, and more. Users can find tickets for both popular and niche events.
  3. Ownership: As of my knowledge, it is owned by eBay, a well-known e-commerce company. However, it’s important to verify if there have been any changes in ownership since then.
  4. FanProtect Guarantee: It provides a FanProtect Guarantee, which is designed to protect buyers. This guarantee offers compensation if the purchased tickets are late, invalid, or misrepresented. It aims to ensure a level of trust and security for users.
  5. Affiliate Relationships: It may have affiliate partnerships with websites, and users should be aware that the platform may earn a commission if they purchase these partnerships.

Users need to exercise caution and follow safety tips when buying or selling tickets on any secondary marketplace.

Additionally, policies and features may have evolved since my last update in January 2022, so it’s advisable to check StubHub’s latest terms and conditions for the most current information.

StubHub app

The StubHub app is a powerful tool for ticket seekers, offering convenience, variety, and some nice safety features.

Just be aware of the potential fees, price fluctuations, and occasional rogue sellers.

With a little caution and research, the StubHub app can be your ticket to unforgettable experiences.


App Store

Stubhub customer service

StubHub customer service is generally competent and can help you with most issues.

However, be prepared for potential wait times and the occasional frustrating interaction.

Customer Service Mail, PO Box 448, Draper, UT 84020, USA

US and Canada 1.866.788.2482 Toll-free
Everyday: 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM Pacific time.

Is StubHub legit?

Yes, StubHub is unquestionably a legitimate company, having previously been owned by eBay, one of the largest e-commerce entities globally.

It boasts sponsorships with over 100 organizations worldwide, including sports teams, leagues, and technology companies like Apple, Spotify, and Uber.

Its legitimacy as a company prompts the more relevant question: “Are sellers on StubHub legitimate?” This question will be addressed in the following discussion.

Is StubHub reliable?

Its reliability is generally solid, contingent on the method of ticket delivery. If tickets can be downloaded directly from StubHub, reliability is high.

However, if email delivery is required, reliability diminishes slightly. Issues may arise when tickets need to be physically shipped. Mitigation strategies for such problems will be suggested later.

StubHub Ticket Prices for NBA Western Conference Teams by Edward Genesis

Is StubHub safe?

Yes. Using StubHub is typically safer than engaging in ticket transactions on online classified websites like Craigslist, as it eliminates the need to meet sellers in person.

The platform offers the FanProtect guarantee, ensuring reimbursement for late, invalid, or misrepresented tickets.

However, StubHub does not shield against buyer’s remorse, rescheduled events preventing attendance, or overpayment relative to a ticket’s value.

Reselling is allowed if there’s sufficient time before the event.

Is StubHub Legit for Concert Tickets?

Yes, StubHub is a legitimate platform for buying concert tickets.

It’s a popular choice for concert-goers, offering a vast selection of tickets for different artists and venues.

As always, check reviews, choose reputable sellers, and be aware of StubHub’s policies for a smooth experience.

StubHub Ticket Prices for Broadway Shows in New York City by Edward Genesis

Top 3 Tips for Safely Buying Tickets on StubHub

  1. Research Prices Before Purchase: Conduct thorough research on ticket prices before buying. Explore the venue’s online box office and compare prices with other platforms like or Gathering information beforehand enhances the ability to assess the ticket’s value.
  2. Look for Instantly Downloadable Tickets: Prioritize tickets with the “Instant Download” option. These tickets are accessible almost immediately after purchase, providing a faster and more reliable experience compared to those delivered via email or courier services.
  3. Contact StubHub Customer Service for issues: In the rare event of ticket problems (non-arrival, entry issues, or significant discrepancies reach out to StubHub customer service. They may offer compensation in the form of a refund, on-site credit, or replacement tickets. Refer to the StubHub Return Policy for additional details.

Is StubHub Legitimate Reddit?

StubHub is generally considered legitimate, but like any platform, there can be varying experiences.

Reddit discussions might highlight individual experiences, both positive and negative.

It’s advisable to check recent reviews and ensure the tickets you’re interested in are covered by StubHub’s guarantee.

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Is StubHub Owned by Ticketmaster?

No, StubHub is not owned by Ticketmaster. StubHub is owned by Viagogo. They are two separate companies operating in the ticketing industry.

Ticketmaster is known for primary ticket sales, while StubHub is a secondary marketplace where users can buy and sell tickets.

StubHub was launched in 2007 and later acquired by eBay in 2008. In 2020, it went solo again through a spin-off.


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