Is Dapper Street Legit? A Comprehensive Guide and checklist

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By Edward Genesis

Alright, fashion fans, let’s talk Dapper Street. You know them—the online store with threads so trendy they could make a grandma wear skinny jeans (no offense, Nana!).

But are they the real deal, or just another website slinging snake oil for style?

Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the Dapper Street rabbit hole to figure out if their clothes are fire or a fashion faux pas.

We’ll start by digging into their backstory. Who are these fashion wizards behind the curtain?

Then, we’ll get the lowdown from the real stars of the show: the customers. We’ll scour the web for reviews, from five-star raves to one-star rants, to see if their clothes are catwalk-worthy or leave you looking like a fashion victim.

Next, we’ll put their website under the microscope. Is it a sleek, secure haven for your credit card info, or a shady back alley for digital pickpockets?

We’ll check for red flags like missing contact info, hidden fees, and return policies that read like ancient scrolls.

Finally, we’ll tap into the fashion hive mind on social media. Are folks buzzing about their new Dapper Street threads or spilling the tea on bad experiences?

With all this intel gathered, we’ll crack the Dapper Street code and deliver the verdict: legit or just another online mirage.

You can also check out this fantastic legit checklist here before we continue: Is Stubhub legit or Scam?

But remember, even with our detective skills, the ultimate decision lies with you. So keep those critical eyes peeled, do your digging, and never let anyone (not even us!) tell you what you should or shouldn’t wear.

Now, let’s get this fashion investigation rolling!

What is Dapper Street?

Dapper Street is an online clothing and accessory retailer for men and women, specializing in trendy and affordable fashion.

Their official website is;

They offer a wide variety of styles, from casual streetwear to more edgy and statement pieces, with a focus on contemporary trends. Here’s a breakdown of what they’re all about.

What they offer

Dapper Street offers in both USD and GBP by Edward Genesis

  • Clothing: Shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jeans, chinos, shorts, skirts, dresses.
  • Shoes and sneakers: Casual shoes, sneakers, boots, sandals (including Birkenstocks).
  • Accessories: Hats, bags, wallets, jewellery.
Is Dapper Street Legit?
Is Dapper Street Legit?

Is Dapper Street Legit?

Yes, Dapper Street is a legitimate online retailer with a physical address and contact information listed on their website(, and they are registered as a business.

Dapper Street Company’s registration number is 04225647. VAT number: GB 768485372

Despite a few negative reviews, the majority of customer feedback is positive, with reports of timely deliveries and satisfaction with purchased items.

The company’s commitment to online security is evident through the use of HTTPS encryption on its website, ensuring a secure connection, and employing secure payment gateways for financial transactions.

These collective elements contribute to Dapper Street’s reputation as a reputable and trustworthy online clothing destination.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to shop at Dapper Street depends on your individual needs and preferences. Be informed, be cautious, and don’t hesitate to research before clicking “buy.”

Dapper Street Delivery Policy

On their website, Dapper Street’s delivery policy outlines that all deliveries are sent through the Royal Mail, with the possibility of using a courier for particularly heavy items.

  • Standard delivery is priced at £3.99, but orders exceeding £50 qualify for free standard delivery.
  • Express delivery, costing £4.99, is available for applicable items.
  • Standard delivery items typically arrive within 2-3 working days.
  • If an item hasn’t arrived within 14 working days, it is considered lost, and customers are advised to contact Dapper Street for a replacement or refund after the specified period.
  • The policy also addresses potential delays during Bank Holiday Weekends, urging customers to allow an additional 2-3 days for their orders.

Dapper Street Return Policy

Dapper Street’s return policy outlines a 14-day return window from the receipt of items.

  1. For faulty or damaged items, replacements are provided if stock is available, or refunds are issued upon item return.
  2. In case of duplicate or incorrect items due to the company’s error, returns lead to either a refund or replacement.
  3. Unwanted items can be returned within 14 days in their original, resaleable condition, with a full refund issued upon receipt. Original packaging and labels must be intact, and footwear should be unworn outdoors.
  4. Postage costs are not reimbursed, and the company may refuse returns or charge re-stocking fees for items not meeting original condition criteria.
  5. A ‘Return Authorisation’ is required, and returned items undergo testing with potential return costs or restocking fees if no faults are found.
  6. Specific items like specially ordered items, gift vouchers, and gift cards are non-returnable.

Where is Dapper Street based?

Dapper Street is based in the United Kingdom.

The company is a UK-based online retailer specializing in apparel and fashion, offering a curated selection of designer men’s and women’s wear and contemporary streetwear.

The two Dapper Street stores are located in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. The Witney Store is situated in Marriotts Walk Shopping Centre, with ample parking spaces and free parking

Explore Premium Brands at Dapper Street

Dapper Street is your go-to destination for curated fashion featuring an array of premium brands.

Whether you’re into timeless classics or seeking the latest trends, Dapper Street brings together a diverse collection of renowned names.

Discover an impressive lineup of brands that epitomize quality, style, and craftsmanship.

To make your exploration seamless, we’ve compiled a list of some of the notable brands available at Dapper Street, along with links to their official websites.

Featured Brands at Dapper Street

Brand Official Website
Albam Albam Official Website
Anonymous Ism Anonymous Ism Official Website
Armani Armani Official Website
Armor Lux Armor Lux Official Website
Baracuta Baracuta Official Website
Barbour Barbour Official Website
Barbour International Barbour International Official Website
Barts Barts Official Website
Birkenstock Birkenstock Official Website
Calvin Klein Calvin Klein Official Website
Carhartt WIP Carhartt WIP Official Website
Ciele Athletics Ciele Athletics Official Website
Clarks Originals Clarks Originals Official Website
Colorful Standard Colorful Standard Official Website
Crocs Crocs Official Website
Dr Martens Dr Martens Official Website
EA7 Emporio Armani EA7 Emporio Armani Official Website
Edwin Edwin Official Website
Farah Farah Official Website
Filson Filson Official Website
Fjallraven Fjallraven Official Website
Fred Perry Fred Perry Official Website
Gant Gant Official Website
Gloverall Gloverall Official Website
Goorin Brothers Goorin Brothers Official Website
Gramicci Gramicci Official Website
Havaianas Havaianas Official Website
Hestra Hestra Official Website
Hikerdelic Hikerdelic Official Website
Hugo Boss Hugo Boss Official Website
Hunter Hunter Official Website
Kestin Kestin Official Website
Lacoste Lacoste Official Website
Levi’s Levi’s Official Website
Levi’s Made & Crafted Levi’s Made & Crafted Official Website
Libertine Libertine Libertine Libertine Official Website
Lyle & Scott Lyle & Scott Official Website
Napapijri Napapijri Official Website
Novesta Shoes Novesta Shoes Official Website
Nudie Jeans Nudie Jeans Official Website
Obey Obey Official Website
ON Running ON Running Official Website
Organic Basics Organic Basics Official Website
Rains Rains Official Website
Ray Ban Ray Ban Official Website
Red Wing Red Wing Official Website
Replay Replay Official Website
Rostersox Rostersox Official Website
Sandqvist Sandqvist Official Website
Superga Superga Official Website
Taion Taion Official Website
Teva Footwear Teva Footwear Official Website
The North Face The North Face Official Website
Tommy Jeans Tommy Jeans Official Website
UGG UGG Official Website
Vans Vans Official Website


Dapper Street Birkenstock

Dapper Street may offer Birkenstock products among its range of footwear.

Birkenstock is a well-known brand, and its presence on Dapper Street’s platform would align with the retailer’s focus on offering designer menswear and contemporary streetwear.

Customers interested in Birkenstock products can check Dapper Street’s website for the specific models and availability.

Is Dapper Street Legit Reddit

Dapper Street is considered to be a legitimate online retailer by most of Reddit users. It is a registered company with a physical address and contact information listed on its website.

Reddit opinions are mixed. Some users swear by Dapper Street, praising its trendy styles and value for money.

Others warn of potential issues like poor quality, slow delivery, and difficulty with returns.

The best approach is to do your research, consider both positive and negative reviews, and shop with caution.

Dapper Street Discount Code

Dapper Street frequently offers discount codes through its website, email newsletter, and social media.

Popular options include student discounts, seasonal promotions, and referral codes.

Check their website and social media platforms regularly for the latest deals.

Why is Dapper Street So cheap?

The pricing strategy of Dapper Street may be influenced by various factors, including sourcing products directly from manufacturers or wholesalers, running promotions or sales, and optimizing operational costs.

It’s common for online retailers to offer competitive prices to attract customers and stay competitive in the market.

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