15-Year-Old McDonald’s Employee Attacked By Customer

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By Dr Cate

In St. Louis County, Missouri, a shocking assault at a McDonald’s has left a 15-year-old employee, Ariyah Lynch, with serious injuries.

The incident occurred on April 14 when a customer, Johnny Ricks, 25, became frustrated with the electronic menu and reacted violently by throwing a tray at it.

According to police reports, Ricks was escorted outside by employees. It was there that he attacked Lynch. Surveillance footage captured the assault, showing Ricks arguing with Lynch before shoving her to the ground.

As Lynch tried to stand up, Ricks struck her again, grabbed her by the hair, and dragged her back down, ultimately stomping her head on the concrete.

Lynch sustained significant injuries from the attack, including a fractured skull, a broken nose, and brain damage. She required surgery for her broken nose and suffered additional lacerations.

Speaking to FirstAlert4, Lynch said, “I was just trying to protect myself at the moment. “I just want him in jail and charges to be pressed.”

The police report details that Ricks had initially been in the drive-thru but entered the restaurant to place an order. Lynch’s father recounted the chaos, stating, “They came into the McDonald’s and began to spit on my daughter and the young man at the cash register.

The adults also began to destroy McDonald’s property by throwing things and damaging the self-serve screens.”

Ricks has been arrested and faces charges of felony assault and property damage. The police are continuing their investigation to identify other suspects involved in the assault.

Judge Krista Peyton has ordered Ricks to remain in jail on a $150,000 bond. Ricks has a history of violence, with seven previous arrests for assault.

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