#ACF2024 in Kigali: Emphasizing the Private Sector’s Role in Africa’s Development

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By Edward Genesis

The 2024 Africa CEO Forum (#ACF2024), held in Kigali, Rwanda, has centered its theme around “Highlighting the Driving Role of the Private Sector in the Development of Africa.”
This theme resonates strongly with the mission of Centum Investment Company, a leading East African investment firm committed to fostering sustainable economic growth through private sector initiatives.

The forum, renowned for bringing together top business leaders, policymakers, and influencers from across the continent, saw active participation from Centum Investment’s key figures.

Dr. James Mworia, CEO of Centum Investment, alongside Brenda Mbathi, CEO of the Two Rivers International Finance and Innovation Centre (TRIFIC) SEZ, and Ken Mbae, Managing Director of Centum Real Estate, engaged in high-level discussions with Gabon’s Vice Prime Minister Alexandre Chambrier on the sidelines of the event.

Centum Investment’s involvement in #ACF2024 underscores its strategic focus on leveraging private sector capabilities to drive economic transformation in Africa. Dr. Mworia emphasized the critical role that private enterprises play in bridging the investment gap, creating jobs, and fostering innovation across various sectors. “Our mission at Centum is to catalyze sustainable economic growth by harnessing the potential of private investments. The theme of this year’s forum aligns perfectly with our objectives and reinforces the importance of collaboration between public and private sectors,” he remarked.

Brenda Mbathi highlighted the success and future prospects of the TRIFIC SEZ, an ambitious project aimed at creating a world-class business environment in Nairobi. “The TRIFIC SEZ is designed to provide advanced technological infrastructure, robust regulatory frameworks, and seamless access to the broader Two Rivers ecosystem. By doing so, we aim to attract foreign direct investment and position Nairobi as a leading business hub in Africa,” she stated.

Ken Mbae, who oversees Centum Real Estate, discussed the significance of integrating real estate development with economic growth strategies. “Our projects are not just about constructing buildings; they are about creating communities that drive economic activities and improve the quality of life for residents. The private sector has a pivotal role in shaping Africa’s urban landscapes and contributing to overall development,” Mbae explained.

The interaction with Vice Prime Minister Alexandre Chambrier highlighted the mutual interests and opportunities for collaboration between Kenya and Gabon. The discussions focused on how private sector investments can be mobilized to enhance economic ties and support development initiatives in both countries. Vice Prime Minister Chambrier expressed keen interest in learning from Centum’s successful projects and exploring potential partnerships to replicate similar models in Gabon.

#ACF2024 provided a platform for meaningful exchanges and networking among Africa’s top business and government leaders. The emphasis on the private sector’s role in development underscored the need for innovative solutions, strategic investments, and public-private partnerships to accelerate progress across the continent.

As the forum concluded, participants left with renewed vigor and a shared vision for Africa’s future—one where the private sector drives sustainable growth, fosters economic resilience, and ensures that the continent remains on a path of continuous development. Centum Investment’s active engagement at #ACF2024 exemplifies its commitment to this vision and its role as a catalyst for positive change in Africa.

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