Is dailychemist legit? Reviews, Social Media Accounts, Reddit and Meds

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By Dr Cate

In the vast online marketplace, finding trustworthy retailers can be a daunting task.

Daily Chemist, a platform offering various health and beauty products, has sparked curiosity and raised questions about its legitimacy.

Is it a reliable source for your everyday needs, or a cleverly disguised online scam?

Let’s delve into the murky waters of user experiences, potential red flags, and available information to help you make an informed decision.

What is Dailychemist?

Daily Chemist has emerged as an online platform offering various health and beauty products, including prescription medications. They also boast online consultations with doctors and promise next-day delivery for your orders.

Is dailychemist legit?

No, dailychemist is not a legit company. This company makes it very difficult to get your money back, even for medicines they don’t have in stock. They will only refund you if you threaten to complain to the authorities. This is unfair, and this is not how a good company should treat its customers.

Negative aspects

Several sources, including Reddit threads and YouTube videos, paint a concerning picture. Accusations of scams surface, highlighting issues like:

Unfulfilled orders or receiving counterfeit products

Users report not receiving their orders or receiving fake versions of the advertised products.

Customer service woes and refund challenges

Difficulty reaching customer support and encountering resistance when requesting refunds are prevalent complaints.

Suspicious business practices

Concerns arise regarding hidden fees, misleading information on the website, and questionable marketing tactics.

Approaching Daily Chemist with extreme caution and conducting thorough research before considering their services is crucial. It’s essential to:

  • Seek diverse reviews: Don’t solely rely on information from their website or positive testimonials. Actively search for both positive and negative reviews from various sources like Trustpilot and Reddit to gain a balanced perspective.
  • Become a comparison expert: Before committing to a purchase, compare prices and product details on reputable online retailers. This empowers you to assess the legitimacy of Daily Chemist’s offerings.
  • Unmask hidden fees: Scrutinize the checkout process meticulously and be wary of any unexpected charges before finalizing your order.
  • Secure payment methods: Opt for secure payment methods like credit cards or PayPal, which offer additional purchase protection in case of issues.

Who owns Dailychemist?

Their website and other readily available information lack transparency regarding the company’s ownership structure. This lack of transparency is another factor raising concerns about their legitimacy.

Dailychemist contacts


Phone: +442045307356 

Address: Daily Chemist, Acorn House, Longshot Lane, Bracknell, RG12 1RL, United Kingdom.


Social media accounts: 



Some customers Reviews

“Last summer I placed an order for period delay medication, which the website claimed was in stock. I received an email saying my order had been dispatched. I waited two weeks before chasing it up, at which point I was told the product was out of stock. I asked for a refund and got no response. Nearly two months later, after I let them know I would be opening a dispute with my credit card provider, the product finally arrived – much too late. I’m not sure if it’s incompetence or a deliberate attempt to scam customers, but either way, avoid!”

“I was told my refund is on the way about 20 times and nothing I keep getting fobbed off with lies because they are criminals and don’t care about ripping people off stay away from this sight and shop some where else I am so pissed off and angry you are all useless incompetent people who don’t no there job I better stop now befor I smash my phone u don’t even deserve 1 star but u make me give u something”

“Never send any medicine, won’t call you back, looking at the internet reviews looks like a SCAM company. Promised me 3 cal backs never got any of them, wouldn’t even tel me what time their working day was, why? Because they don’t have one its all a big scam”

“Avoid at all cost. Goods not delivered. Refund not given! On 31st March 2023, I placed an order, immediately the order status changed to despatched. On 12th April I called and was told out of stock. 5 emails, 4 calls and 3 weeks later I still have not received the refund. Clearly, they do not intend to issue a refund. Please do not use this company, it really is not worth it to save a few £££s.”

Tips for consumers
1. The item is not delivered, and a refund is not issued, despite the company insisting they would refund.

2. This company is running illegally and has been reported to the regulatory authorities.

3. Complaints NEVER get back to you. The staff put the phone down on you whenever you ask difficult questions.

If you are unsure or uncomfortable, it might be safer to explore alternative sources for your needs. Always prioritize your online security, and exercise caution when dealing with unfamiliar websites.


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