Is Legit or a Scam?

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By Dr Cate is a newly created online store that claims to sell a variety of products at unrealistic discounts. However, a closer look at the website reveals several red flags that indicate that it is a scam.

First, has a very short lifespan. It was created in April 2023 and expires in April 2024. This suggests that it is a pop-up website that may disappear soon without delivering orders or issuing refunds.

Second, has received numerous negative reviews from customers who have shopped at the store. Customers have reported not receiving their orders, receiving different or inferior products, and not being able to contact customer service.

Third, has hidden its contact address on its website. The only way to reach the company is through an email address that does not match the domain name of the website.

The company name and address are also suspicious. This suggests that is not a legitimate business and is trying to make it difficult for customers to contact them.

Fourth, has copied most of its content, product images, and policies from other legitimate online stores. This is a sign of plagiarism and lack of originality, which are common among scam websites.

Finally, does not have any security measures in place. The website does not use HTTPS encryption, which is essential for protecting customer data. This means that any information you enter on the website, such as your credit card number and shipping address, is vulnerable to theft. Red Flags

Before considering making any purchases from, it’s crucial to be aware of the alarming indicators that strongly suggest this website’s lack of trustworthiness.

Here are some of the most significant red flags associated with

  1. Recent Establishment: came into existence as recently as April 2023, and its domain is set to expire in April 2024. This fleeting existence raises concerns about its legitimacy and whether it might vanish without fulfilling orders or offering refunds.
  2. Numerous Negative Reviews: A multitude of customers who have shopped on have shared unfavorable reviews. These include complaints of undelivered products, receipt of different or subpar items, unresponsiveness from customer service, and even instances of credit card information being compromised.
  3. Hidden Contact Information: deliberately conceals its contact details on the website, leaving customers with only an email address ( that doesn’t align with the website’s domain name. Moreover, the company’s name (Two Two Three Technology Co., Ltd.) and its address (No. 663, Baoping Street, Outlying Islands District, Hong Kong) appear suspicious and unrelated to the products they claim to sell.
  4. Unrealistic Discounts: The website offers discounts on its products that appear too good to be true, often exceeding 50% off. Such offers are a common tactic employed by scam websites to entice unsuspecting customers into placing orders and revealing their credit card information.
  5. Plagiarized Content: has copied a significant portion of its content, product images, and policies from legitimate online stores. Blatant plagiarism and a lack of originality are common features of scam websites.

Is a Scam?


Considering the array of red flags outlined above, it is a reasonable conclusion that operates as a fraudulent website and should be avoided by online shoppers.

There is no substantial evidence to suggest that is a legitimate or reliable source for quality products or services.

Reports from customers who have engaged with reinforce these suspicions, with many detailing their experiences of not receiving their orders or receiving vastly different or substandard products.

In addition, their efforts to seek refunds or exchanges have been hampered by unresponsive contact methods.

Therefore, it is strongly advised against shopping on or any similar websites displaying these concerning signs.

Engaging with such platforms poses the risk of losing not only money but also personal information to unscrupulous individuals who are indifferent to customer satisfaction or security.

What Should You Do If You Have Shopped from

If you have already made purchases on, it is imperative to take immediate action to protect yourself.

  1. Contact Your Bank or Financial Institution: If you paid using a credit card or debit card, promptly contact your bank or financial institution. Request that they cancel the transaction and initiate a refund. Also, report as a fraudulent site and request future charges from it be blocked.
  2. Change Your Passwords: If you created an account on or used the same password for other online accounts, change your passwords immediately. Enable two-factor authentication for your accounts if possible to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Beware of Phishing Emails: Be cautious of emails claiming to be from or related sources, offering discounts, refunds, or order-related information. Many of these emails could be phishing attempts designed to deceive you into clicking malicious links or downloading harmful attachments. Delete such emails without opening any links or attachments.
  4. Utilize a Content Blocker: Consider using a browser-based content blocker, such as AdGuard. These blockers help mitigate the risk of encountering malicious ads, Trojans, phishing attempts, and other undesirable content that might not be stopped by antivirus software alone. Conclusion

To sum up, is unequivocally a scam website that must be avoided at all costs. The extensive array of red flags indicates its unreliability and untrustworthiness.

From fabricated contact information to a short lifespan, negative customer feedback, a lack of security measures, and plagiarized content, it demonstrates a consistent pattern of deceptive behavior.

It is advisable not to invest your time or finances in this website, as it is highly likely that the outcome will be disappointment or financial loss.


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