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By Dr Cate

With the rise of online reward platforms promising lucrative incentives, it’s natural to question their legitimacy.

Among these platforms is Rewards Giant, which claims to offer various rewards to users. But before diving into the enticing offers, it’s essential to ascertain whether Rewards Giant is indeed a legitimate platform or just another online scam.

Let’s explore the details to determine if Rewards Giant lives up to its promises or if it’s too good to be true.

What is Rewards Giant?

Rewards Giant is a website where users can earn rewards, such as gift cards, by completing sponsored offers from its partners. 

These offers typically involve tasks like signing up for services or participating in surveys. The website operates in the UK, the United States, and Australia, allowing users from these regions to participate in earning rewards.

However, it’s important to research and understand the platform’s terms and conditions before engaging with it.

Is Rewards Giant Legit?

Yes, Rewards Giant is considered legitimate and does provide payouts to users who complete a specific number of deals, with online evidence to support this.

However, it’s challenging to complete enough deals to earn the promised larger rewards, and the platform may seem misleading as it suggests earning $100+ gift cards is easy.

Another concern is that Rewards Giant may ask for credit card details or payment to complete certain deals, which some users may find uncomfortable.

While it’s possible to receive a $5 gift card for free or potentially earn a $100 gift card by completing numerous tasks, the likelihood of earning more is very slim.

Overall, this app isn’t known for high earnings, and other online side hustles may offer more reliable opportunities.

How Does Rewards Giant Work?

To earn rewards on Rewards Giant, users must complete a certain number of sponsored deals or tasks from partner companies.

These deals typically involve signing up for free trials, answering surveys, downloading apps, or completing online tasks. As users complete more deals, they accumulate credits that can be redeemed for gift card rewards.

Selecting Your Gift Card Reward

Upon signing up, users can select their preferred gift card reward from options such as Amazon, eBay, Temu, Visa, and Walmart.

The availability of gift card rewards varies based on completion requirements, with higher tiers requiring a greater number of completed deals.

Signing Up

The registration process involves providing an email address and may include optional surveys or additional information. While Rewards Giant requires basic user information, some partner deals may request more details or credit card information.

  • Providing an email address for registration.
  • Optional surveys and additional information.

Completing Sponsored Deals

Users earn rewards by completing sponsored deals, which range from simple tasks to more involved trials or subscriptions.

Completing more deals unlocks higher reward tiers, but some premium deals may require entering credit card information or incurring costs.

Claiming Rewards

Once users accumulate enough credits, they can claim their gift card rewards through the platform. 

This process involves verification and may require submitting proof of completed deals, such as confirmation emails or receipts. 

Rewards are typically redeemed within a few days of finalizing the claim.

Pros & Cons

Rewards Giant offers a straightforward sign-up process and a variety of free deals for users to try.

However, reaching higher reward tiers can be challenging, and some deals may involve costs or subscription commitments.

Reported issues include difficulties with payment, user interface, and data usage.

Other Reviews and User Experiences

Feedback from other users highlights concerns regarding payment issues, low earning potential, and suspicious site behavior.

While some users have had positive experiences with Rewards Giant, others have encountered challenges with receiving rewards or completing deals.

Better Alternatives

For users seeking reliable alternatives, platforms such as Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and others offer more consistent rewards and user experiences.

These alternatives provide various opportunities for earning rewards through surveys, games, and online activities.

Giant Affiliate Program

The affiliate program offered by Giant Lottos features multi-tier commissions and a fixed commission structure with a minimum payout requirement.

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn commissions on both their own sales and those generated by their referrals.

The program accepts link and banner advertisements as valid traffic sources and provides a 180-day affiliate cookie duration for tracking referrals.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Rewards Giant offers potential rewards for completing sponsored deals, but users should be aware of potential challenges and limitations. 

While some users may find success with the platform, others may encounter difficulties with payment or deal completion. 

Considering alternatives may provide a more reliable and rewarding experience for users seeking to earn rewards online.


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