Is BluePillow Legit? Reviews, Booking, Reddit and Website

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If you’re looking for affordable places to stay during your travels, you might check various websites offering accommodation deals.

Finding the best deal can be hard when you have to visit many booking sites. That’s where BluePillow comes in handy. It gathers different deals from multiple travel agencies and shows them in one place, making it easier for you to compare prices.

But before you use BluePillow to find a good deal, you might be worried about whether it’s a trustworthy site and if there are any problems with using it.

No need to stress! By the end of this article, we’ll cover all your questions and concerns about BluePillow.

What is BluePillow?

BluePillow is a search engine specifically designed for finding holiday rentals, apartments, houses, and villas. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

BluePillow specializes in vacation rentals, offering a wider range of accommodation options compared to traditional hotel-focused booking platforms.

This includes standalone apartments, houses, villas, and other unique properties not generally found on mainstream booking sites.

Search Functionality:

  • Filters: Users can refine their search by various criteria like location, type of accommodation, guest capacity, price range, amenities (including pools, hot tubs, pet-friendliness), and even specific features like oceanfront views or ski-in/ski-out access.
  • Global Reach: BluePillow searches through listings from a variety of online travel agencies (OTAs) and direct property managers, offering a wider selection and potentially better deals than single-source platforms.
  • Compare Prices: BluePillow displays results from different providers, allowing users to compare prices and choose the best offer for their needs.
  • No Hidden Fees: They strive for transparency, aiming to show the total cost upfront, including any taxes or cleaning fees.

Other Features:

  • Reviews: Users can read reviews from previous guests to get a sense of the property and neighbourhood.
  • Recommendations: BluePillow offers personalized recommendations based on user preferences and search history.
  • Mobile App: They have a mobile app for convenient searching and booking on the go.

Overall, BluePillow aims to be a one-stop shop for finding your ideal vacation rental, offering a wide range of options, comprehensive search tools, and price transparency.

Here are some additional resources to learn more about BluePillow:

Is BluePillow Legit?

Yes, BluePillow is a trustworthy website that compares accommodations. It has been operating for the past 7 years and is based in Milano, Italy.

The site features properties from top online travel agencies like,, Agoda, and others.

With its long history and collaboration with well-known travel companies, BluePillow is considered legitimate.

8 Tips for Booking with a Travel Provider

  1. Read Provider Policies
    • Carefully review the amendment, cancellation, and refund policies of the travel provider listed on BluePillow.
  2. Check Room Conditions
    • Ensure you understand the room’s conditions and its specific refund and cancellation policies before making a booking.
  3. Look for Required Amenities
    • Confirm that the hotel you’re considering has the amenities you need for a comfortable stay.
  4. Examine Hotel and Room Photos
    • Thoroughly inspect multiple pictures provided by travel providers to understand the property’s features and the room you intend to book.
  5. Read Customer Reviews
    • Gain insights into the property’s quality by reading reviews from customers who have stayed there before.
  6. Clarify Any Confusions
    • If you have any uncertainties, promptly contact BluePillow or the respective travel provider to seek clarification before making a reservation.
  7. Opt for Paying at the Property
    • Consider paying at the property upon arrival to simplify cancellation in case of plan changes, avoiding complex refund processes.
  8. Review Booking Details
    • Before confirming your booking, carefully review details such as name, room policies, prices, and dates to prevent issues later on.

BluePillow Website

Contacts and Email

Blue Pillow S.p.A
Ripa di porta ticinese 63
20143 Milan
Registro Imprese di Milano Monza Brianza Lodi
REA number: MI – 2122445
VAT number: IT09929610963
If you wish to submit your application, please check our career page at


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