Trific SEZ Secures Sh6 Billion Investment from Vantage Capital

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By Edward Genesis

The Two Rivers International Finance and Innovation Centre (Trific) SEZ, a subsidiary of Centum Investment Company, has announced a significant milestone in its development.

The SEZ has secured a Sh6 billion ($47.5 million) investment from Vantage Capital, a renowned pan-African investor.

This substantial funding will be directed towards the acquisition and development of office space within the strategically located Trific SEZ in Nairobi’s Gigiri area.

The investment will enable Trific SEZ to acquire the existing TRIFIC North Tower, which encompasses 14,975 square meters, and to construct a new office tower that will offer an additional 76,800 square meters of leasable space.

This expansion is part of Trific SEZ’s broader goal to establish a world-class business environment in Nairobi.

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Trific SEZ aims to provide an advanced business ecosystem with cutting-edge technology, robust regulatory frameworks, and seamless access to the wider Two Rivers ecosystem. The Two Rivers development is well-known for its residential areas, diverse dining options, retail stores, and entertainment venues. This integrated approach is designed to give businesses within the SEZ a competitive edge and attract substantial foreign direct investment.

The initiative has already gained significant traction, with bookings secured for the Trific North Tower from 14 SEZ enterprises.

Additionally, there is a strong pipeline of companies seeking to join the zone. These enterprises span various sectors, including business process outsourcing (BPO), shared service centres, regional headquarters, and investment holding corporations.

The anticipated impact is substantial, with an estimated creation of 10,000 jobs and a generation of $65 million in foreign direct investment. Furthermore, annual exports of services from these enterprises are projected to reach $390 million.

Trific SEZ CEO Brenda Mbathi expressed her excitement about the investment, stating, “We are excited to have attracted such an investment. This signifies strong confidence in the ecosystem we’ve created.” Representatives from Vantage Capital echoed this sentiment, highlighting the project’s potential for job creation and foreign direct investment.

James Mworia, CEO of Centum Investment, emphasised the project’s importance in enhancing Kenya’s appeal to foreign investors. He commended the Kenyan government for its efforts in creating a favourable operating environment through initiatives like Special Economic Zones, which have played a crucial role in attracting such significant investments.

The Sh6 billion investment from Vantage Capital marks a pivotal step forward for Trific SEZ, setting the stage for accelerated development and reinforcing Nairobi’s position as a leading business hub in Africa.

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